Corn Flowers will help manifest intuition, spiritual knowledge, psychic abilities, and opening your Third Eye. One can take cornflower tea to treat fever, constipation, water retention, and chest congestion. Also take it as a tonic, bitter, and liver and gallbladder stimulant. Some women take it for menstrual disorders and vaginal yeast infections. Some people apply cornflower directly to the eye for irritation or discomfort.


Rose Bud- Roses help soften our energy and open us up to the energy of love. This energy can heal us, bring us joy, protection & peace. It promotes the joy of giving & gratitude, as when Roses are gifted or received, it pleases both parties. A cup of rose tea, enhances one with a pure energy, Divination practices become enhanced, as well as prophetic dreams, because Roses allow us to lower our guard & trust. Rose bud tea contains high concentrations of antioxidants that may help to fight inflammation. Rose tea may offer some relief to women who suffer from period cramps.

Nettle- nettle reduced levels of inflammatory hormones, nettle may help reduce prostate size and treat symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland in men with BPH, nettle may help lower blood pressure by allowing your blood vessels to relax.

 Nettle renders strength to the emotions, underpinning them and allowing a person to use them to grow and manifest change.

Nettle can be used to contact the inner warrior, to increase courage and assertiveness in those who need to contact their own firey emotions in order to break free from bad patterns and victim mentality. Nettle reminds us of our own resilience and power.

Rose Hips- Rosehip tea is rich in compounds shown to protect your skin against aging, including vitamin C and carotenoids, reduced body weight and stomach fat, rose hips offer one of the highest levels of vitamin C. This vitamin, along with other compounds in rosehip tea, helps strengthen and protect your immune system.

rosehips can be placed around one’s bed at night, aiding protection from night-terrors and spirits of the darker realms. Rosehips as the Rose itself are steeped in the planet Venus, used in love to entice and encourage love. Being within the Water element makes rosehips a great addition to a splendid healer of the emotions. So work with or consume rosehips to aid heartbreaks, anxiety, or a love struck mind. For many moons the wise women of the times have made teas of roseh­ips, aiding women’s monthly moon cycles for both the body and the mind.

Calendula- Calendula is a powerful spiritual herb that will bring healing as well as activate your innate healing abilities. When you drink calendula, you stand tall as a powerful healer. This tea repairs your aura and brings energetic protection. You can apply calendula to your skin in various forms to promote wound and ulcer healing. Several calendula compounds may combat certain cancer cells, Calendula’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties may aid oral health by combatting gingivitis and microbial growth, A handful of studies indicate that calendula may improve heart health, treat muscle fatigue, and relieve sore nipples. 

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