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There was never a time that so many of us have killed and abused one another as we are doing today. There never was a time when Black Women were so abused and misused as they are today. There never was a time when Black children have been so abused and misused as we find them today. The violence and abuse in the home is so great that every teacher or leader of any consequence should begin to look at the destruction of the Black home, the Black family and the Black community, and address these concerns with truth."

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

I am purposed driven to help inspire and motivate those whom I serve for total transformation. My goal is to use my life experiences along with my training in reeducation and reformation to help repair the black family. I specialize in releasing generational trauma patterns and stories with the use of modern science of mental health a tool that will help with the minds of our people. I have spoken to thousands of listeners, worked with many faith based organizations, youth groups, community leaders, volunteers, schools helped many individuals, men and women and families to be restored.

My mission is to broaden my skills and talents of 19 years of service, training women and girls life skills as taught by The Most Honorable Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I have served and helped many attain optimal health by improving the function of the spirit, mind and body. As an overcomer and young girl growing up in a home with domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, experience of sexual abuse and broken marriages. I believe that true health entails a balance of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well being. I offer tools that will help one alleviate such things as depression, grief, anxiety, sexual abuse, obesity, fatigue, insomnia, drug addictions, alcoholism etc. These tools, if applied, will help with a total life transformation. My objective is to help Enlighten and restore the black family with respect to ones own customs and beliefs. While working to help bring in a universal government in which we all can live in peace regardless to class, creed and color. This can be achieved.

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Sister Nayyirah Muhammad

"To repair the black family is to repair humanity." - Sis. Nayyirah