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(This aids one in their health goals. It is not a cure)


Helps Enhance the immune system function by boosting the production of cytokines

Helps relieve nasal congestion


Potent Anti-Cancer


Treats respitory illnesses such as cold and flu

Used for centuries to treat wounds, when applied to the skin

High in vitamin A, B, C and Potassium

Natural support to arthritus 


Note: Eat raw elderberry in small quantities because they contain enough cyanide to cause stomach pain. However, boiling them first releases the cyanide into the steam and then they can be consumed without worry. We boil our elderberry to ensure safe consumption. Important :Keep jar refridgerated upon arrival and after opening.

Are made and packaged in a Cottage food operation that is not subject to  Florida's food safety regulations. 

Elderberry w/ Echinacea & Ginger (16 oz)

1 Pound
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