Repair of The Black Family presents: Manifest Class 24 Attributes of Be and It Is. Perfectly put together for you on How to manifest the life you want. Sis Nayyirah has placed jewels of scientific and mathmatical research  in these classes. Her love and passion speaks intimately to you with true intention to assist you to change your way of thinking so you can change your outcome. Experience this dynamic class so you can actuallize life on purpose by being who you really are for you.

"If you don't do what I walk you through in this class you will repeat your existing condition." -Sis Nayyirah

2nd Manifest Class Part 1 & Part 2

  • Please Read all this information prior to purchase. After you purchase this Class. You will be sent Dropbox access with password protection. You wil receive the password with the email. There is a deadline to access the video, so as soon as you can study it, listen to it multiple times so you have all the data you need.